Client Testimonials

Brad Willard, Battery Safety Lab Manager, Zebra Technologies

"I have been working with Pathways to Transformation LLC Coaching since May of 2013, and the benefits of several years of his coaching have guided me through stages of deep leadership growth and greater life fulfillment.  When we began, I was in an individual contributor role as a battery safety engineer at Motorola Solutions, Inc.  My division was acquired by Zebra Technologies in 2014 (7K employees), and as new management responsibility opportunities presented themselves, I transitioned into developing a plan, hiring and staffing my own quality lab. 

Bob has been my business coach and mentor, facilitating further development as a leader who develops others to contribute their best in a highly competitive environment where resources are scarce and every investment must provide value.  Bob’s experience in the corporate world has helped provide an “outside-in” perspective, and his mentoring helps encourage and challenge me in my remote global role.  His insight has helped me communicate the impact of the preventative quality actions my team contributes to Zebra, and the value we deliver in our execution.  His workshop on the Kolbe Concept has helped my team better understand how we deliver that value in alignment with our skills and passions to support corporate objectives."

Niles P. Geary, II, MBA CRPC, AIF, Co-Founder and CEO, Voyage Partners Financial Strategies, LLC

“Initially, we recognized that our team was not well rounded. What we didn't know is whether or not we had everyone in the correct position. I had heard great things from multiple people about the benefits of the Kolbe test. Our primary objective was to understand how to build the most effective team and what role was best suited for each team member. With Bob’s background and the Kolbe tool we believed this would be our best approach.

“After taking the Kolbe A Index, we learned that we got along so well because we were all the same, which was not a surprise. Learning that we were actually in roles that suited us best was great news. The real value came from Bob helping us understand what the next person that we hire for our team needed to look like. We now understand that they will have a different profile than the rest of us, and that while they might cause some conflict, ultimately the value they could provide from a different perspective would be invaluable. Bob also validated that our current structure aligned well with team needs. He provided some insight on potential problems we may face, and recommended ways to overcome them. We found Bob to be very helpful in maximizing the results of the Kolbe test.”

Harris Wheeler, Chair for State of Alabama, Convene Ministries

"Over the past 6 years I’ve engaged Bob to lead Kolbe workshops and also administer the Kolbe tests for both my Convene and Genesis Teams of Christian CEOs and business owners.  We’ve embraced the Kolbe assessment as one of the best that we can use to better understand ourselves and our teams, and to lead them in driving our companies to even greater success.  In addition, the workshops that Bob has led help inform us of the value and also instruct us on how best to apply the results - all in a fun and interactive atmosphere.  I would highly recommend you consider working with Bob if you desire to increase your own and your team’s leadership abilities and drive better company results."

Ken Lewellyn, Founder, Tennessee Business Services

"Bob is very committed to the success of his business coaching clients.  His core belief is that we should all be working in the area of our passion, and he is focused on helping his clients get there.   He doesn't try to apply the same solution to every client - he truly listens and understands his client before suggesting a solution.  Bob is a really great guy - he truly cares about his clients and does a great job in steering them to success." 

Nolan V. Ferraro, CPT, ACSM, CPCC, Founder, Salire Fitness, Pilaties, and Life/Wellness Coaching

"One of the biggest impacts in my personal and professional life in the past 12 months has been my privilege to coach with Bob. He has been a coach who partners with me on my life journey, and stretches me beyond my comfort zone and my self-imposed faulty belief systems. He has excited me, challenged me, championed me, and through courageous and powerful questioning, helps me get out of the 'skinny branches' where the real growth occurs!" 

Andrew Price, Senior Manager, KPMG LLP

"With your coaching (and by putting my gremlin in its corner!), I now have a spiritual and work/life balance that I have never before experienced. I do not have to sacrifice emotional and spiritual well being for being successful at work!"