The greatest privilege in life is to live authentically and be who we were created to be.  Our coaching and consulting helps individuals and teams discover their calling and leverage their natural talents to become exceptional leaders.  Each of us is a gift to the world:  why play small?


 I believe resilience is the “secret sauce” fuels positive change.  As human beings, we must show up as our authentic selves.  Until we can do that, there is no resonance with our values and minimal or counterfeit self-respect.  We are simply actors in someone else’s script.  Resilience builds on that authenticity and provides the courage to deliver our highest and best contribution to the world.


The Kolbe Conative Index is an instrument I have utilized since 1996 to help individuals and team members understand how they are naturally "wired" to be successful.  It's not about how smart you are (cognitive), or what personality type (affective) you have; it's about the behaviors that come from your striving instincts (the conative part of the brain. It is a very inexpensive online tool to gain insight on our natural talents.

Team Success Workshop

We all have different styles and instincts that we bring to the work we do.  Unless team members have a language to discuss their natural differences and how they can complement each other, conflict will occur.  The key to engaged employees is to have the right people in the right seats doing the right work--work that leverages their strengths.


To get glimpses of current thinking around leadership and resilience, kindly check out my blog.


My book on organizational change, and building collective capability in a turbulent environment, published by Wiley & Sons, 2009.